Jerry Cavanaugh

You can't please everyone, so you've got to please yourself. (Rick Nelson)

Just published - Superwomen: 60 American Heroines

Available now at for $12 plus shipping. 

Biographical sketches of important women of our past
and present.  Nonfiction and worth the read.

Also available -- Presidential Tweets from Washington to Trump

at for $7.00 in paperback.

Play It Again Podcast

New Podcast:  “Moldy Oldies” is now “Play It Again", and is available at the website.  The podcasts are now approximately 30 minutes long and there are 80 of them for your enjoyment.  To access the names of the songs and performers, click on the Play It Again Playlist link at the left side of this page.

The Play It Again podcasts can be accessed at or by going to the website and entering Play It Again in the Search box.  The Wacky Tacky Tunes podcasts are still available by clicking on the Wacky Tacky Tunes link at the left.

Senior Softball Video

My video, "Senior Softball - Staying Active and Having Fun,"
can be accessed at this site: